Priests and deacons who live in community at the service of the mission

The Community of Saint Martin is an association of secular priests and deacons living their apostolate within a community life at the service of dioceses.

It was founded in 1976 by D. Jean François Guérin in the renewal of the Second Vatican Council.

It currently has 153 priests and deacons, 104 seminarians and 26 propaedeutics. The Mother House, which is also the Formation House, is located in Évron (Mayenne).

At the service of dioceses

The Community of Saint Martin sends its members to serve bishops eager to entrust them with various apostolic missions: parishes, schools, shrines… In France or abroad.

Community life and mobility are the two main characteristics of the Martinian life. Assigned on their missions at least by three or more, priests and deacons pray, live and work together, in a practical and spiritual fraternity.

With the words of our founder, Don Jean-François Guérin:

Conference delivered by Don Jean-François Guérin, on Saturday the 10th of November 2001, for the Community’s 25th anniversary held in the church of Sacré Cœur of Montmartre.

Persons in charge

The General Moderator and the board of the Community of Saint Martin.

Don Paul Préaux
Don Paul PréauxGeneral Moderator and Ordinary of the members of the Community of Saint Martin. Ordained priest in 1989. Professor of dogmatic theology. Residing in Évron.
Don Jacques Vautherin
Don Jacques VautherinGeneral assistant. Ordained priest in 1995. Professor of Moral theology. Residing in Evron.
Don Louis-Hervé Guiny
Don Louis-Hervé GuinyResponsible for the formation. Ordained priest in 2000. Professor of moral theology and spirituality. Residing in Évron.
Don Pascal-André Dumont
Don Pascal-André DumontGeneral Treasurer and Chancellor. Ordained priest in 1997. Professor of Canon Law. Residing in Évron.
Don Bruno Attuyt
Don Bruno AttuytAdvisor and pastor of Oullins. Ordained priest in 1983. Professor of Patrology. Residing in Châlons en Champagne.
Don Pierre-Antoine Belley
Don Pierre-Antoine BelleyAdvisor, pastor of S. Pierre-S.Vénérand and academic chaplain of the Notre Dame de Pontmain boarding school. Ordained priest in 1999. Professor of Metaphysics. Residing in Laval.
Don Régis Évain
Don Régis ÉvainAdvisor and pastor of the Brie-Sénart Pole. Ordained priest in 2003. Residing in Brie Comte Robert.
Don Régis Sellier
Don Régis SellierAdvisor and pastor of Brive-la-Gaillarde. Ordained priest in 1996. Residing in Brive-la-Gaillarde.

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