Three new priests and eight new deacons for the Church

On June 24th 2017, three new priests and eight new deacons were ordained for the Community of Saint Martin by Mgr Thierry Scherrer, bishop of Laval.

On June 24th, Mgr Thierry Scherrer, bishop of Laval, has given us the honer of conferring the ordination of three priests and eight deacons who were presented to him by don Paul Préaux, General Moderator.

For this solemn celebration in the basilica of Notre-Dame de l’Épine, we were honoured by the presence of Mgr Luigi Ventura, apostolic nuncio in France, of Mgr Rubén Darío Ruiz Mainardi, First Advisor of the nunciature in Paris, of Mgr Francis Bestion, bishop of Tulle, of Mgr Jacques Habert, bishop of Séez, of Mgr Renauld de Dinechin, bishop of Soissons, of the Most Reverend Fathers Philippe Piron, abbot of the Abbey of Saint Anne of Kergonan, Mario A. Aviles, general procurator of the Oratory of Saint Saint Philip Neri, Felix Selden, delegate of the Holy See to the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri ; of Mgr Didier Boulay, general vicar of the diocese of Blois, representing Mgr Batut and of Father Eric Millot, general vicar of the diocese of Dijon, representing Mgr Minnerath.

The following has been ordained priests:

  • Don Pierre Gazeau, 26 years, native of Poitiers, priest appointed to Cellettes
  • Don Xandro Pachta-Reyhofen, 31 years, native of Vienna (Austria), priest appointed to Soissons
  • Et don Phil Schulze Dieckhoff, 29 years, native of Aachen (Germany), priest appointed to Fayence.

The following has been ordained deacons in view of the priesthood:

  • Don Paul Cossic, 26 years, native of Clermont-Ferrand, deacon appointed to Trélazé – Saint Barthelémy
  • Don Antoine Barlier, 26 years, native of Paris, deacon appointed to Arles
  • Don Axel de Toulmon, 28 years, native of Orléans, deacon appointed to Dijon
  • Don Jérôme Bertrand, 25 years, native of Aix en Provence, deacon appointed to Blois
  • Don Xavier Camus, 26 years, native of Bourges, deacon appointed to Mortagne-Tourouvre
  • Don Benoît Thocquenne, 26 years, native of Caen, deacon appointed to Soissons
  • Don Matthäus Trauttmansdorff, 30 years, native of Vienna (Austria), deacon appointed to Laval
  • François-Xavier Pecceu, 27 years, native of the Paris region, deacon appointed to Puy en Velay.

The day after, each new priest celebrated, not without emotion, a first Mass in the presence of their close ones. Afterwards, they began their tours of first Masses, in order to give thanks for the formation years and entrust their priestly ministry to the Lord.

Let us give thanks to God for the gift of the priesthood and continue to keep these young priests and deacons in our prayer!