How to help us

Help us financially

The Community of Saint Martin lives solely from the generosity of its benefactors. The Community needs to face two major financial challenges:

  • The formation of future deacons & priests

    A seminarian’s formation lasts 7 years and costs around €16,000 per year (i.e. €45 per day), which covers accommodation, studies, catering, social security contributions etc. This sum is paid entirely by the Community and partly by the families and friends of the seminarians.

  • The Abbey of Évron

    In addition to the accommodation and training of seminarians, the Community is responsible for the Abbey of Évron:

    • Maintaining the Abbey.
    • Renovating and enhancing its historic heritage.

Thanks to God and the generosity of our benefactors, every year new dioceses benefit from the presence of our priests for the mission.