Who are we?

Priests and deacons living in community at the service of the Universal Church

The Community of Saint Martin, which reports directly to the Holy See, is an association of secular priests and deacons living their vocation in community, at the service of the Universal Church’s pastors. By responding to the bishops’ calls, the Community is entrusted with various apostolic missions, serving in parishes, schools, boarding schools, and sanctuaries.

Today, the Community is comprised of 183 priests and deacons who are sent to mission in groups of at least three, praying, living and working together in spiritual and pastoral fraternity.
Over 100 seminarians are being trained in its House of Formation under a simple way: an intense community life, a rich liturgy, demanding studies, a concern for mobility and a certain sense of humor.

The Mother House and the House of Formation are located in Evron, France.


In addition to community life, mobility is another aspect of the Community’s mission. For priests, this mobility is a symbol of our earthly pilgrimage, which is in some way common to all Christ’s disciples.

As a result, the average length of a priest’s mission in the Community of Saint Martin is around six years, which is about the same as it is for secular priests in France.


Although most of the seminarians being trained are French, nine other nationalities are also represented at the seminary and among the Community’s priests.

The Community is becoming more and more international, as in addition to some German-speaking seminarians, seminarians from Syria, Cuba, Belgium, Portugal and Netherlands are also being trained in Evron. Besides, bishops from Germany, Cuba and Italy have entrusted the Community with apostolates in missions, parishes and sanctuaries.