Is it necessary to be French in order to join the Community of Saint Martin?

The Community of Saint Martin is of pontifical right – it is intended for the universal Church in the whole world. For the moment, at the seminary there are seminarians from France, Germany, Austria, England and Sweden.

  • A community for the universal Church

    Being Catholic, the Community of Saint Martin is by definition universal. It has an international character also by its constitution: it is of pontifical right and offers priests at the service of bishops in the entire world. These two elements makes of it a community which largely passes the national borders of France or any other country. The Community of Saint Martin consists of priests and deacons sent to particular Churches in the entire world.

  • A community with an international history

    The Community of Saint Martin was founded by abbé Jean-François Guérin, priest of the diocese of Tours, much affected by its sulpician masters. But it owes also much to Italy, for it is the archbishop of Genoa which had welcomed the founder to his diocese for this “expérimental” foundation. Even though it is impregnated by a long tradition of formation of priests in the French way, the opening to the universal Church stays written into its “genes” since its birth.

  • Priestly formation for everyone !

    The majority of the priests of the Community are French, and most of the missions which have been confined to them are located in France as well. For a foreigner, it is evidently easier to become a priest of the Community if he already knows French. Nonetheless, the integration of seminarians who didn’t speak French at all before has already been succesful.

    At the moment, other than French, there are seminarians from Austria, Germany, England and Sweden.

The parish in Cuba

The community is open to all nationalities…