Priest and deacons in community at the service of the Universal Church

The Community of Saint-Martin vocation is to serve the pastors of the universal Church:  by responding to the bishops’ calls, she is entrusted with various apostolic missions. This way, the priests and deacons of the Community serve in parishes, school, boarding schools, and sanctuaries chaplaincies.

Sent to the missions in groups of at least three, priests and deacons pray, live and work together in spiritual and pastoral fraternity.


In addition to community life, mobility expresses another characteristic of the mission of the community: In the life of priests, this mobility visualises our earthly pilgrimage, which in a certain way is common to all disciples of Christ.

Thus, in the Community of Saint Martin, the average missionary period of a priest is about six years, about the same as is usual for secular priests in France.


Although at present the majority of the seminarians in formation are French, seminarians of eight other nationalities are also present in the seminary and among the priests of the community.

The community is becoming more and more international, as in addition to some German-speaking seminarians, seminarians from China, Syria and Sweden are also being formed in Evron. In addition, the community has been entrusted by bishops from Germany, Cuba and Italy with apostolates in missions, parishes and sanctuaries.