• What is the Route Saint Martin ?

    It is first of all a pilgrimageby setting out on a journey to discover the riches of the religious patrimony of France and elsewhere, the Route Saint Martin offers young men and women desirous to deepen their life of faith, the opportunity to experience a spiritually intense journey that can serve as an important step in their personal lives !

  • Who organises ?

    The Route Saint Martin is organised by priests from the Community of  Saint Martin. A priest leads each group and is accompanied by several seminarians throughout the pilgrimage. All the priests are available at any time to listen and to guide you spiritually.

    This year from the 6th to the 8th August, the Route will finish in Lourdes and join the “Open Source” gathering with groups from EVEN and the Sanctuary of Lourdes.

  • Who can participate ?

    All young men and women between 16 and 25 years old who wish to make a profound experience of faith. Each year, around 200 to 300 hundred participate in this summer adventure !

  • When ?

    This year the Route Saint Martin takes place from the 30th July to the 9th August 2019 in the south west France from Dax to Lourdes.

    RDV is the 30th July at the SNCF train station of Dax, between 16h and 18h, and the end of the Route will be on the 9th August from 10h at the SNCF train station of Lourdes.

  • What do we do during the Route Saint Martin ?

The Spiritual Life

Every year the fundamentals of the spiritual life are explored : an initiation in the reading and the praying of the Word of God, mental prayer, rosary … Each day is structured around the moments of prayer : daily mass liturgy of the Hours, eucharistic adoration etc.

Friendship and Fraternal Life

The Route is a privileged time to put into practice the love of neighbour through a spirit of service and the joy of relaxing in common thanks to the shows put on by the seminarians. The Route allows everyone to make profound friendships in Christ, to grow in charity and deepen their relationship with God.

discussions jeunes


So as to grow in the truths of the faith, the teaching of the faith and the moral teaching of the Church helps us to mature in our christian lives. Along with this doctrinal part, the Route Saint Martin also proposes various workshops on all the existential questions that a young christian might have.


Organised in teams of about 30, we walk 5 hours a day (don’t worry everyone can do it!) It is through the walk that our entire being undertakes a move forward. The effort, the silence, nature, the conversations all contribute to the Spirit of fraternal life.

  • Practical information :

    • FOOD : Healthy meals are provided by a catering company that follows us throughout the Route. (We alternate between hot meals and picnics).
    • ACCOMMODATION and HYGIENE : It is indoors and showers are provided. A professional doctor is present throughout as well.
    • PRIX : £240 (the price lowers for families with more than one participant)
  • How to register ?

    • TO REGISTER : Fill-out the form provided.
    • PAYMENT : by cheque with the order of “Communauté Saint-Martin” or online.
    • TEAMS : are organised according to age and language.

10 days to take a break in your life, your year and holidays to focus on the essentials : walking, to make strong experiences, fraternally and spiritually, to as to come back strengthened in your faith ! A 20 year old formula that works ! Recently : Vézelay, Saint-Laurent sur Sèvres, WYD Krakow 2016, Lourdes, Sainte-Anne d’Auray, WYD Madrid 2011, Annecy, Ars, Alsace, WYD Cologne 2005, WYD Rome 2000 …



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