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Our guesthouse welcomes young men for:

Practical guide

Find the practical guide published by the tourist Office of Evron.

  • A retreat

    Alone or in group, possibility of organizing a preached retreat.

  • Discernment (with the possibility of personal encounter with a priest)

    What is a discernment retreat? It is a strong and important time that we take to deepen perspective on life, reflect on the meaning we want to give to our life, to listen to the voice of God and let ourself be guided by Him. Indeed, in our daily lives there is too much noise, too many worries, too much entertainment to discern the will of God on us. One does not only make a retreat of discernment just because he feels a call to the priesthood, but quite simply because he wants to become an actor of his life.

    A retreat in Évron means letting yourself be carried by the atmosphere of the seminary, favorable to prayer and silence. In Évron one can take advantage of the rare opportunity to make a retreat of discernment in a seminary, which allows to see the life of seminarians on a daily basis. If you wish, you can even participate in the various activities of seminarians, such as working in the garden, attending classes etc.
    There are two possible formulas:
       – Alone and at any time of the year
       – During one of the two specific annual retreats: during the last week of Advent and during Holy Week. During those weeks we offer preached retreats about discerning a vocation. These two weeks of intense liturgical life and preparation for the great Christmas and Easter Feasts are particularly appropriate for a retreat of discernment. Through targeted lectures and personal encounters, we can see more clearly the path that God draws for our lives.

  • Studying

    To prepare your exams: help and tutoring by seminarians is available.

    A library is also at your disposal…

The hosts share the life of silence, prayer and study of the seminarians: they are invited to attend the daily Mass and services, and can take part in other activities: sport, work, relaxation… The guesthouse is an autonomous building, located in the grounds of the House of formation. It has a dozen rooms. Sheets and towels are provided. Do not forget :
– A casual outfit
– Sport clothes
– A Bible

As an indication, we estimate at 20 euros the expenses of a 24H stay. By giving more, you can help us welcoming those who have less means. The Saint Martin community lives from your donations, we thank you for your generosity.

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