The formation at the seminary

While the Community of Saint Martin defines itself as being totally at the service of bishops and dioceses of the universal Church, it has its own House of Formation. For six years, under the leadership of the priests in charge of the formation, the seminarians seek to discern and develop their vocation for the service of souls.

Because of the fraternal life specific to the Community, the formation has a specific colour that involves acquiring three habits :

1) First of all, it is necessary to learn how to live under the same roof, to pray together as well as sharing an apostolic mission, in order to exercise the munus sanctificandi, that is, the mission of the sanctification of souls.

2) It is also necessary to learn how to listen, first to the Word of God but also to the magisterium of the Church, in order to be able to pass on the good news, an example, a service to others; this permits the exercise of the munus docendi, that is, the proclamation of the faith.

3) Finally, it is necessary to learn to depend upon one another, in order to exercise the munus regendi, the mission of governing.

The Stages of Formation