How do you enter the seminary?

Before entering seminary, it is of course necessary to get to know it. The Community of Saint Martin willingly welcomes everyone who wants to discern their vocation, discover the life at the seminary, and talk with a priests or seminarians.

Se laisser accompagner.

La démarche : connaître, discerner, discuter, décider.

Come and discern in Évron

Two times per year, it organizes discernment retreats, one during Holy Week and one before Christmas. It is also possible to “get to know” the Community during the recollection weekends or during the Way of Saint Martin, in the beginning of August. Furthermore, the guest house is open for individual visits during all of the school year. —————————————————————

Interviews with the superiors and a letter

After interviews with the priest responsible for the formation and with the general moderator, the young man may make his decision and concretize his course of action by a written letter.

The entry to the seminary takes place in September.